1. It's Not Right
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It's Not Right

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An upbeat happy love song about the importance of focusing on what really matters.
Very special thanks to The Real Michael Lee for the cover art and to OrangeG for his wonderful banjo and harmonica skills.


It's not right that we fight, oh hon why don't you see
I love you so don't you know you mean the world to me
Don't be mad I'll make you glad, you know that this will pass
One fine day you're gonna say I want our love to last

Don't you know you're my flower
And I'm the bee that needs your nectar
Forever basking in your luster
With you is where I long to be

Please don't go even though I may have been a fool
It goes both ways with the blame so let's just play it cool
Cause we're much better when we're together, there's no one else but you
So don't you worry cause I've always thought that you're wonderful