1. She Said
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She Said

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A song about the struggles, hopes and fragility of being in a personal relationship.


We're almost there now she said
I can see the star
It's been a long hard struggle
We've come so far
Now it seems things have changed
Will you stay or turn away

Now I see what you mean to me
And it's all my fault that it took so long
But I've changed my ways that have caused you pain
Give me half a chance I'd be yours again

It seems so strange now she said
To be close again
Learned from my consequences
Put the past to rest
Would you do the same for me
And I will carch you if you should fall

Take my hand and you will understand
How I was so wrong to leave you all alone
But if you come with me I will make you see
There's a better day I can hardly wait

And she said
In my head
Touched my soul
I'm lost in you
And she said
Missed you so
You'll never know
How I need you
And she said